Networking with Confidence: Grow Your Circle of Influence Udemy

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When you hear the words networking event, what immediately pops into your mind? A fistful of business cards?People aimlessly staring around the room looking for someone to talk to? The awkward hesitation when you inevitably hear, So what do YOU do?Networking doesnt have to be lame. In fact, its one of the most priceless skills to connect with others, expand your influence and grow your career. Its bad reputation comes from the fact that most people dont know how to do it well - in a way that is genuine, exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.When you have the skills it takes to connect with others, you have the power of finding the right person, at the right time. It could be an introduction to your next big client. It could be a critical referral to a doctor. It could be meeting your future wife or husband. Every great relationship begins with hello.In this course, you will learn to: Overcome the most common mistakes people make at networking eventsIdentify the key events and opportunities that you need to attendPrepare yourself in advance so you can arrive feeling confident and calmTalk about yourself in a compelling way so people want to learn moreConnect with influencers that you have been longing to meetBecome a power connector so everyone wins in the relationshipEach section of this course delivers insights into the art of networking. Youll discover a step-by-step process that takes you from hesitation and overwhelm to genuine enthusiasm for meeting new people. Each short video lesson comes with exercises and resources to put the concepts into action immediately. In addition, youll receive a comprehensive workbook to help you along the way.Why Learn From Me?Hi. Im Alexa Fischer and Im here to help unlock All 1000 Watts of your personal power.As a speaker and coach, Ive worked with CEOs and everyday people, small nonprofits and complex global corporations and do you know what they all have in common? Invariably, their greatest untapped resource is their own light. As an expert in the areas of manifesting personal power and mastering interpersonal connection, my work helps people tap into, and light up their utmost potential.From executives atTrader Joes and SONY, to nonprofit organizations like Dress For Success and the National Charity League, to an appearance on The Today Show, Ive help people get clear, get communicating, and get shining.As a best-selling Udemy instructor, Ive been honored to receive some amazing feedback about my courses and teaching style.The instructor is so personable, genuine, and honest in her desire to help you, and she is knowledgeable and experienced in her topic. - Gwen K, Udemy Student"She is a great teacher, detailed, charismatic and motivating! - Cynthia Deslauriers, Udemy studentAlexa is phenomenal at expressing her thoughts and guiding her students through exercises to live a bigger and better life! - Juan Jacob Estrada, Udemy studentThroughout my journey as a coach, speaker and even a professional actress, I discovered I had an unmistakable ability to help people tap into their own brilliant light and manifest real change.Its time to reinvent the way you approach networking so you can connect with the people you are meant to connect with and they can connect with you. Get started now and learn to unlock your best and brightest self (even at the buffet line!).See you in class!


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