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Morphy Richards


There are so many resources for improving writing. But the way of teaching Mike contains, you won't find anywhere else. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to improve or learn English writing from scratch. Desperately waiting for level two and Mike's other courses."  Abdul Rehman - Udemy StudentMany students have not had the opportunity to develop basic sentence writing skills and as a result do not have confidence in their writing abilities.This course provides the opportunity for students to develop basic skills and confidence allowing them to start writing without fear of failure at school or college, in the workplace, or in their personal lives. It can also serve as a beginning foundation course for other writing courses.Is this a complete sentence? Is my sentence clear? Is it correct? Is it too long? Is it too short? Why did my instructor not understand my written answer on the test? Why did my manager not understand my email?Have you asked yourself any of these questions in the past? If yes, then this course is for you!This course can teach you the basics of sentence writing. It starts with What makes a sentence complete? and ends with you confidently using the skills learned to combine a variety of basic sentence types to write a short writing passage.Why this course? Because in this course you can:become engaged in classroom style instruction with an Ontario Certified Teacher who has over thirty  years of classroom experience;watch short video tutorials that that allow you to fit learning into your busy schedule and find parts you want to review quickly;understand why you are learning specific skills and how they will make you a better writer;develop sentence writing skills using everyday, familiar words so you can focus on sentence building and not unfamiliar words;work with familiar themes such as food, family, school and college, and the workplace;learn content that has been simplified to the most important key parts and that is presented using a step by step approach;check your level of knowledge quickly at the end of tutorials using Quick Quiz videos;print out PDF exercises and a booklet of summary notes for each of the three course sections.


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