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Passing Oracle 1Z0-053 exam is required to earn Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional.Exam Details:Duration:120 MinutesNo. of questions:78Passing score:66%Format:Multiple ChoiceExam Topics:Database Architecture and ASMDescribe Automatic Storage Management (ASM)Set up initialization parameter files for ASM and database instancesStart up and shut down ASM instancesAdminister ASM disk groupsConfiguring for RecoverabilityConfigure multiple archive log file destinations to increase availabilityDefine, apply and use a retention policyConfigure the Flash Recovery AreaUse Flash Recovery AreaUsing the RMAN Recovery CatalogIdentify situations that require RMAN recovery catalogCreate and configure a recovery catalogSynchronize the recovery catalogCreate and Use RMAN stored scriptsBack up the recovery catalogCreate and use a virtual private catalogConfiguring Backup SpecificationsConfigure backup settingsAllocate channels to use in backing upConfigure backup optimizationUsing RMAN to Create BackupsCreate image file backupsCreate a whole database backupEnable fast incremental backupCreate duplex backup and back up backup setsCreate an archival backup for long-term retentionCreate a multisection, compressed and encrypted backupReport on and maintain backupsPerforming User-Managed Backup and RecoveryRecover from a lost TEMP fileRecover from a lost redo log groupRecover from the loss of password filePerform user-managed complete database recoveryPerform user-managed incomplete database recoveryPerform user-managed and server managed backupsIdentify the need of backup modeBack up and recover a control fileUsing RMAN to Perform RecoveryPerform complete recovery from a critical or noncritical data file loss using RMANPerform incomplete recovery using RMANRecover using incrementally updated backupsSwitch to image copies for fast recoveryRestore a database onto a new hostRecover using a backup control filePerform Disaster recoveryUsing RMAN to Duplicate a DatabaseCreating a duplicate databaseUsing a duplicate databasePerforming Tablespace Point-in-Time RecoveryIdentify the situations that require TSPITRPerform automated TSPITRMonitoring and Tuning RMANMonitoring RMAN sessions and jobsTuning RMANConfigure RMAN for Asynchronous I/OUsing Flashback TechnologyRestore dropped tables from the recycle binPerform Flashback QueryUse Flashback TransactionAdditional Flashback OperationsPerform Flashback Table operationsConfigure, Monitor Flashback Database and Perform Flashback Database operationsSet up and use a Flashback Data ArchiveDiagnosing the DatabaseSet up Automatic Diagnostic RepositoryUsing Support WorkbenchPerform Block Media RecoveryManaging MemoryImplement Automatic Memory ManagementManually configure SGA parametersConfigure automatic PGA memory managementManaging Database PerformanceUse the SQL Tuning AdvisorUse the SQL Access Advisor to tune a workloadUnderstand Database ReplaySpace ManagementManage resumable space allocationDescribe the concepts of transportable tablespaces and databasesReclaim wasted space from tables and indexes by using the segment shrink functionalityManaging ResourcesUnderstand the database resource managerCreate and use Database Resource Manager ComponentsAutomating Tasks with the SchedulerCreate a job, program, and scheduleUse a time-based or event-based schedule for executing Scheduler jobsCreate lightweight jobsUse job chains to perform a series of related tasksAdministering the SchedulerCreate Windows and Job ClassesUse advanced Scheduler concepts to prioritize jobs


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